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General Information and Resources for All Caregivers, Care Partners, Caretakers, and Carers

What's a caregiver?

A caregiver can be a spouse, adult child, sibling, other family member (including in-laws), friend, a volunteer, or aide. Some caregivers are paid; many are not.

Caregivers can provide emotional support, financial support, hands-on care, care management, attention, and love.

Many terms are used -- caregiver, care partner, caretaker, and carer. We use them as synonyms.

Information for caregivers

Most resources available are directed to all caregivers or perhaps dementia caregivers. There aren't many resources that are Parkinson's-specific. We have listed useful resources on some common caregiving topics such as:

Email list for caregivers

Sign up for our "PD Caregivers" email list. We share tips and resources we pick up from PD caregiver-only support group meetings. We read books and articles on caregiving and summarize them for busy caregivers. We share resources on PD caregiving, caregiving generally, and dementia caregiving.

Referrals for other support

This I&R Center also provides referrals to:

We don't make recommendations for care facilities, care agencies, home health agencies, hospice agencies, or private caregivers. We can tell you what suggestions we've heard shared at caregiver support group meetings.

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