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Some of Our Favorite Caregiving Blogs

Here are some of our favorite blogs about caregiving. These are not Parkinson's-specific.

Caregiver Blog by The Caregiver's Voice
Bloggers: Brenda Avadian, MA, and experts
Frequency: Bi-weekly
Topics covered: helping loved ones feel less guilty; book reviews; caregiver survival tips; improving your memory; preparing pureed meals; when a loved one dies on a holiday; and caregiver burnout.

The Caregiver's Toolbox, by The Caregiver Space
Bloggers: Mix of expert and guest authors
Frequency: Daily
Topics covered: avoiding caregiver burnout; resilience; podcasts to help you get to sleep; future-proofing your home; how to ask for the help you need; financial issues; music therapy; Medicare changes; 10 steps to being the executor of an estate; and grief.

Caregiver Wellness, by Caring.com
Bloggers: Expert staff writers
Frequency: Weekly
Topics covered: caregiver stress; dealing with holidays; end of life care; food and fitness; money and legal matters; and sleep problems.

Caregiving Made Easy
Blogger: Kathy Macaraeg, family caregiver and chronic illness sufferer
Frequency: Bi-weekly
Topics covered: care strategies; dementia care; food and drink; health; long distance caregiving; relationships; safety; self care; shortcuts; stress-busters; cleaning fake-outs; and management tips; and a ‘weekly roundup’ of top caregiving stories in the news for 2016.

Caring Village Resources
Bloggers: Staff writers
Frequency: Tri-weekly
Topics covered: health and wellness; caregiving tips and tricks; formulating a caregiving plan; caregiver bill or rights; financial and legal planning; home preparedness and maintenance; and cutting edge care technologies.

Daily Caring
Bloggers: DailyCaring Editorial Team
Frequency: Daily
Topics covered: home safety and scam avoidance; dementia care; health and wellness; caregiver stress; holidays as a caregiver; finding a support group; hiring caregiving help; aging at home; financial/tax tips; and self-care.

Blogger: Anne Tumlinson
Frequency: Bi-weekly
Topics covered: the burden of “self care”; don’t be surprised by Medicare’s out-of-pocket costs; letting go or, “It’s not all about you”…; throwing in the towel: the 6 most important questions to ask when you want to quit caregiving; 4 tips for talking to your parents about death

eCare Diary Expert Content
Bloggers: Experts
Frequency: Bi-weekly
Topics covered: home modification; aging in place; fall hazards; explaining ‘in-home-care’; helping seniors connect with others; the dementia journey; caregiver wellness; senior education; and the emotional side of letting go.

The New Old Age, by The New York Times
Bloggers: Jane Gross, Paula Span, and other contributors
Frequency: Bi-weekly, discontinued. Publication dates: 2008-2015.
Topics covered: medical decision-making, housing and long-term care; government policies; the latest geriatrics research; end-of-life choices; and the personal rewards and headaches of caring for aging loved ones. 

This list created by Denise Dagan with Stanford Parkinson's Community Outreach, May 2017.

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