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The Family Unit and PD

Here are some resources that are specific to families dealing with Parkinson's Disease:

Best Publications

"The Family Unit And Parkinson's Disease"
Published by American Parkinson Disease Association, 2007.
Four-page educational supplement, written by a neurologist, addresses how family relationships are stressed when one member has PD. Adjustment to spousal roles may occur. Author notes outside resources available including extended family, friends, church or synagogue, the physician, support groups, and national organizations.

"Helping Your Children Cope with PD"
Published by Parkinson's Disease Foundation, 2007.
One-page fact sheet offers six tips for talking to your kids about PD. Tip #1: Explain your diagnosis in simple terms, including the symptoms and what behaviors to expect.

"Parkinson's Disease: What You and Your Family Should Know"
Published by National Parkinson Foundation.
This green-covered 45-page booklet has chapters on a basic understanding of PD, medical and surgical treatments, staying well with PD, taking charge of your health care, accepting and adapting to PD, and special concerns of those with Young Onset Parkinson Disease.

"The PD Partnership"
Published by Parkinson's Disease Foundation, 2011.
In reflecting upon caring for her husband with PD, the author offers twelve lessons for the person with PD and the primary care partner. Lesson #6: Educate yourself about PD in stages.


This list compiled by Robin Riddle with the Stanford APDA Information & Referral Center, April 2012.

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