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Online Parkinson's Disease Support Groups

Daily Strength's PD Support Group
Good exchange of practical information, sharing of experiences and support, and occasional inspirational posts. 207 members in PD support group.


DBSsurgery Yahoo! Group
Moderated group for the discussion of deep brain stimulation surgical procedures in the Messages area of a Yahoo Group. Key words: DBS, Parkinson's disease, Essential Tremor, Dystonia, MS, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain surgery, Medtronic, Activa. You must be a member to read or post. 1951 members.


Parkinson's Foundation Open Forum
Moderated posts on a variety of PD-related and non-PD-related topics including announcements, website surveys, sharing personal stories, inspirational postings (music, poems, humor), treatments, medical news, and advertising.


Parkinson's UK Forum
Moderated sections include Daily Life, Health & Wellbeing, Newly Diagnosed, Caregivers, Friends & Family, Treatments, Creative Corner, and Social Chat.


patientslikeme-logoPatientsLikeMe Forum
Unmoderated posts on a variety of PD-related and non-PD related topics. Members 'tag' their postings with relevant subject titles, suggested by the site, so visitors to the forum can search for or filter 'tags' they are interested in. Must be a member to read or post to the forum. Over 20,000 PD patient members.


Smart Patients Parkinson's Disease Community
Moderated posts of a number of communities around different illnesses, including Parkinson’s disease.
In partnership with the American Parkinson's Disease Association (APDA) Smart Patients Parkinson's Disease Community is an online forum for people with Parkinson's disease and their care partners.  On this online peer-to-peer support group, ask a question, and support others who can learn from you. An email address is required to join.


This information compiled by Denise Dagan with Stanford's APDA I&RC, March 2012. Updated by Denise Dagan, February 2017.

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