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PD 101 - Overview of PD

Best Publications - Downloadable

These are the best print publications, offering on overview of PD. All are downloadable at no charge.

Parkinson's Disease Handbook
Published by American Parkinson Disease Association, 2009.
This 44-page booklet reviews the symptoms, cause, and treatment of PD. There's also a section on social issues and patient support as well as a glossary of key terms.

Secrets, Myths, and Misconceptions, by Melissa Nirenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
Published by Parkinson's Disease Foundation, 2011. List first presented at PDF Expert Briefing, 2009.
In this two-page fact sheet, a neurologist review the many pervasive myths and misconceptions about PD its treatment.

Best Online Resources

These are the best online-only resources, offering an overview of PD.

Managing Parkinson's: Straight Talk and Honest Hope (online video)
Published by Washington APDA (American Parkinson Disease Association) Chapter, 2008.
This comprehensive video features neurologists, other healthcare professional, those with PD and family members, and a support group leader discussing symptoms, treatment options, and strategies for living better with PD.
Order DVD (donations appreciated)

Parkinson’s Disease: A Dose of Hope (online video)
Published by University of California Television, January 24, 2011.
This 28-minute video features UCSF neurologists, neuropsychologist, and UCSF PD patients discussing symptoms, diagnosis, causes, treatment, exercise, and support.

This list compiled by Robin Riddle with Stanford's APDA I&RC, March 2012.

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