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Information & Referral Center


Best Local Resources for PD Info

APDA (American Parkinson Disease Association) Information & Referral Center, based at Stanford University Medical Center.
Contact: Robin Riddle [rriddle], Coordinator, phone 650/724-6090, tollfree phone 866/250-2414

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PPSG (Parkinson's Patients Support Groups), Inc., based in Sunnyvale
Contact: PPSG [info ppsg.org], phone 408/542-5610. (Note: this organization is separate from The Parkinson's Institute.)

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The Parkinson’s Institute, in Sunnyvale
Contact: The Parkinson's Institute [info2 thepi.org], tollfree phone 800/655-2273

Local PD support groups in various spots around Northern California


Best National Resources for PD Info

apdalogoAPDA (American Parkinson Disease Association), based in New York
Contact: APDA National Office [apda apdaparkinson.org], tollfree phone 800/223-2732

APDA National Young Onset Center, based in Illinois
Contact: Young Onset Center [apda youngparkinsons.org], tollfree phone 877/223-3801

mjf-logoMichael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research, based in New York
Contact: Michael J. Fox Fundation [info michaeljfox.org], tollfree phone 800/708-7644

National Resource Center for Rehabilitation, a joint effort of the APDA and Boston University, based in Boston
Contact: National Resource Center for Rehabilitation, tollfree phone 888/606-1688


PDF (Parkinson's Disease Foundation), based in New York
Contact: PDF [info pdf.org], phone 212/923-4700, tollfree phone 800/457-6676

npf-logoNPF (National Parkinson Foundation), based in Miami
Contact: NPF [contact parkinson.org], tollfree phone 800/327-454

Other Useful Resources

nwpf-logoNorthwest Parkinson's Foundation, based in Seattle
Contact: NWPF [info nwpf.org], tollfree phone 877/980-7500

panlogoParkinson's Action Network, based in Washington, DC
Contact: PAN [info parkinsonsaction.org], tollfree phone 800/850-4726

parkinsonsuk-logoParkinson's UK, based in London
Contact: Parkinson's UK [hello parkinsons.org.uk]


This resource list was last updated by Robin Riddle with Stanford's APDA I&RC, January 2014.

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