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APDA American Parkinson Disease Association
Information & Referral Center

Resources in Southern California

The Stanford Parkinson's Community Outreach and Stanford APDA Information & Referral Center, based at Stanford University Medical Center in Northern California, does not cover Southern California (or any other US region) as part of our information/resource efforts. As we get a lot of phone calls from Southern California, we have created this short webpage of Parkinson's Disease resources in Southern California. Check out this webpage for national resources.

 American Parkinson Disease Association,
office in Los Angeles, CA
Contact: APDA CA Forum [caforum apdaparkinson.org], phone 310-486-0153

NeuroCommunity Foundation,
West Hills, CA
Contact: phone 818-745-5051
Note: Website has not been updated since early 2018.

 Parkinson and Movement Disorder (PMD) Alliance, Tucson, AZ
Contact: PMD Alliance [info pmdalliance.org], phone 800-256-0966

Note: Though based in AZ, this website
includes some Southern California resources.

npf-logoParkinson Association of Santa Barbara (PASB)
Contact: PASB [kttbell mypasb.org],
phone 805-683-1326

pep4uParkinson Exercise Program 4 U Wellness, Laguna Niguel
Contact: PEP4U [pep4ugym gmail.com], phone 949-788-2933

paocParkinson's Association of Orange County, Irvine
Contact: PAOC [board_secretary paocinc.org], phone 949-788-2933

pasdParkinson's Association of San Diego
Contact: PASD [info parkinsonsassociation.org],
phone 858-999-5671

pclaParkinson's Community Los Angeles
Contact: PCLA [info pcla.org],
phone 310-880-3143

proParkinson's Resource Organization, Palm Desert
Contact: PRO [info parkinsonsresource.org], phone 760-773-5628

This list created by Steven Russell and Robin Riddle with Stanford's Parkinson's Community Outreach, June 2018.

Design support by Kevin T. Boyd

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