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Speech and Swallowing Resources

Best Publications - Downloadable

"Eating, Swallowing and Saliva Control in Parkinson's"
Published by Parkinson's UK, 2013
This six-page information sheet explains difficulties associated with eating and swallowing, as well as producing too much or too little saliva. Information and tips for family and friends are shared.

"Parkinson's Disease: Speech and Swallowing"
Published by National Parkinson Foundation
This 21-page booklet describes speech, swallowing, memory and thinking changes in PD. An evaluation check list helps determine if professional assistance is needed for speech and swallowing. Speech, swallowing, and cognitive self-help suggestions for patient, family and friends are included.

"Speaking Effectively, A Strategic Guide For Speaking and Swallowing"
Published by American Parkinson Disease Association, 2010
Booklet includes self-evaluations and caregiver surveys to determine at what point professional help is needed. Professional examinations are described along with recommendations for both home and professional intervention to improve speech, make eating easier and safer, and reduce drooling. Maintaining communication to reduce isolation is encouraged.

"Speech and Language Therapy and Parkinson's"

Published by Parkinson's UK, 2013
Short information sheet looks at what difficulties associated with speech and communication, and how speech and language therapy can help.

"Swallowing and Parkinson's Disease"
Published by Parkinson's Australia, 2008
Short summary of implications of swallowing problems, using both medical and lay terminology, with management strategies for some.

"What is Dysphagia?"
Published by American Parkinson Disease Association, 2011
This educational supplement describes the normal swallowing process. It offers seven swallowing exercises and a list of five other considerations that help with swallowing.

Best Online Resources

"Introduction to Speech and Swallowing Problems Associated With Parkinson's Disease"
Published by National Parkinson Foundation, 1999
Webpage with excerpts from NPF booklet on how to identify and treat speech and swallowing issues.

Best Online Audio and Video

"How Does Speech Therapy Help in Parkinson's Patients"
Online video by National Parkinson Foundation
Four-minute video features Michael S. Okun, MD.

"What Types of Tests and Techniques are there for Swallowing Problems?"
Online video published by National Parkinson Foundation
Four-minute video features Michael S. Okun, MD.



This list compiled by Denise Dagan with Stanford's Parkinson's Community Outreach Program, May 2012. Links last updated by Steven Russell, August 2016.

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