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Speech and Voice Therapy

Treatment Requiring A Speech Therapist

If you live in Northern California, contact the APDA Information & Referral Center at Stanford for a referral to a speech/language pathologist near you. Many of these speech therapists have experience treating those with PD.

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT)
Intensive behavioral treatment program that requires sixteen therapy sessions in one month with an LSVT-LOUD-trained speech therapist. Goal is to help improve vocal loudness. As a result of therapy, improvements in speech clarity and breathing are often seen. DVDs are also sold for at-home treatment.

At-Home Treatment

"Speaking Effectively, A Strategic Guide For Speaking and Swallowing"
Published by American Parkinson Disease Association, 2010
Free booklet contains exercises for speech and voice.

Voice Aerobics
Exercise program focusing on breath support, posture, and vocal function exercises for improved vocal performance. DVD is sold.


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